Stable Isotope Analysis

Elemental Microanalysis Analytical Services

Samples analysed by continuous flow isotope ratio mass spectroscopy. This service currently focuses on 15N/14N and 13C/12C isotope ratios within dried, pre-ground plant material 

Beginning in Q2 2024, our services will expand to include the following elements:

  • Hydrogen 2H /1H
  • Carbon 13C / 12C
  • Nitrogen 15N / 14N
  • Oxygen 18O / 16O

Typical stable isotope ratio analysis applications include:

  • Agriculture – e.g., cellulose, plaints, soil, water
  • Ecology – e.g., animal tissues, atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Food Authenticity – e.g., honey, maple syrup, water or sugar in fruit juice, wine
  • Forensics – e.g., organic liquid, organic solid, collagen
  • Geochemistry – e.g., brine, carbonate, kerogen, oil fraction, whole oil
  • Medicine – e.g., amino acid by decarboxylation, carbon dioxide in breadth, bicarbonate in blood, doubly labelled water, total body water (TBW), total energy expenditure (TEE), urea breath test
  • Standard Calibration

Stable isotope analyses now offered by Elemental Lab will include:

  • 13C and 15N EA-IRMS, both dual and single species
  •  2H and 18O in aqueous samples, via the equilibration method
  • 18O in solid organic samples
  • 13C in breath samples
  • 13C and 18O in carbonates
  • 13C in dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC)

(Please contact us for any other sample types you may wish to analyse)
Samples can be analysed in duplicate or singly

Samples are analysed "as received"

Results within 5 working days from receipt of sample
If you have any further analysis requirements not mentioned here, please contact us and we will do everything we can to help you.

Please note that this service is not accredited by UKAS.

Contact us for more information.