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 About Elemental Lab

At Elemental,  we have been analysing customer samples just like yours for over 45 years. 

Your samples will be analysed in our UKAS Accredited Testing Laboratory No. 4260, using quality consumables from our own ISO 9001 factory, Elemental Microanalysis.

You can rest assured your samples are getting the best treatment for accurate results.

You won't be kept waiting for your results either; our team will keep you updated on our progress. 

Our affordable, accurate and quick analytical service is so simple for you to use; find out more with the button below.


Elemental Lab proudly holds UKAS 17025 accreditation for CHNOS Organic Elemental Analysis and Protein Analysis. 



Our talented lab team also has many years of expertise with Total Organic Carbon, Halogen, Stable Isotope Analysis, and Inorganic Elemental Analysis. 

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your requirements, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. 

About Elemental Microanalysis

More than 40 years ago,  Elemental Microanalysis Ltd was founded to offer a fast and accurate analytical service to the academic and industrial communities.

As well as offering a microanalysis service from our laboratory, Elemental Microanalysis Ltd produces elemental analyser consumables for all manufacturers and models from its ISO 9001 certified factory.