Halogen Analysis

Elemental Microanalysis Analytical Services

Our Oxygen Flask combustion – ion chromatography (OFC-IC) method is ideally suited for analysis of halogens and we routinely analyse for iodine, bromine, chlorine and fluorine at trace and ppm levels. Ion chromatography is very specific and has a wide working range.

Weighed samples of milligram proportions are combusted in a closed oxygen flask charged with pure oxygen. The gases of combustion are subsequently absorbed in an aliquot of appropriate solution within the flask.

These solutions are then analysed quantitatively for fluoride, chloride, bromide, iodide and/or sulfate ions by ion chromatography. As the sample and eluent are pumped through the separator column (containing polymeric resins), the ions are separated by a process known as ion exchange. Different sample ions migrate through the ion chromatography column at different rates depending upon their interaction with the ion exchange sites.

After leaving the separator column, the separated sample ions and eluent pass through a suppressor which selectively enhances the detection of sample ions while suppressing the conductivity of the eluent. A thermostatically controlled conductivity cell measures the electrical conductance of the sample ions as they emerge in turn from the suppressor. This produces a signal (a peak) based on the chemical and physical properties of each individual analyte.

  • Analysis options include single or duplicate replicates.
  • The limit of detection is ppb.
  • Results in 10 business days (or less)  from receipt of sample.

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Please note that this service is not accredited by UKAS.
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