Air Sensitive Analysis

Elemental Microanalysis Analytical Services

  • Air sensitive samples are regularly analysed at EMAL from customers globally with excellent results.
  • Please ensure samples are packaged suitably to prevent degradation during transit, and ensure the air sensitive box is ticked on the sample submission form.
  • Air sensitive samples should be submitted in sealed glass ampoules or tubes (one provided for each analysis). Tubes should be of sufficient length to allow scoring and breaking at the middle point. The preferred size is 5 mm bore and 100 mm in length.
  • A minimum of 7.5 mg of sample is required to ensure samples can be analysed in triplicate. The air sensitive process handling is quick and therefore it is important to ensure the analysts aren’t scraping the corners of an empty vial to get enough material. We handle air sensitive samples under an inert argon atmosphere in a designed enclosed glove box.
  • Samples are weighed, placed into the instrument and analysed immediately.
  • Any queries related to your sample type can be answered prior to submission.
  • Our lab can offer results as quickly as 3 working days.
  • Our lab is ISO 17025 accredited and the air sensitive procedure is within our scope of accredited analysis.

There will be an additional surcharge for air sensitive samples; please contact us for a quote on your analysis project.

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