About US

OEA Labs manufacture products and provide services for organic elemental analysis (OEA), elemental analysis isotope ratio mass spectrometry (EA-IRMS) and other related areas.

The company draws on many years of experience, is equipped with modern instrumentation and employs advanced manufacturing techniques.

We are committed to manufacture and market OEA products to the highest standard which meet or surpass the expectations of our customers. As a manufacturer of elemental analyser consumables, OEA Labs never compromise value, quality or customer care. We are proud that many prestigious laboratories throughout the world choose to use our products in their elemental analysers. We don't just sell EA consumables - we make them to exacting standards.

Product Range

We are working to develop products, services and methods to support your needs in elemental microanalysis. From routine analysis and off-the-shelf products to unique analytical methods and bespoke products.

If you cannot find the product or service that you require please give us a call.